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Foi & Grace: Brainiac Banking Babes

Humor & intensity of neurological rehabilitation post-multiple concussions, discussions of brain banking & fantasies of a monogamous James Bond make this episode delightful.

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Kempa Cambridge USA

The challenge of “third world” handball in the US is quite an adjustment for those arriving to Boston but the diverse international teammates bond as a big family, enjoying being together off & on the court

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Tell Me This

“Tell Me This” will lift you up when you are feeling down. It will restore your belief in yourself. It will help others understand your triumphs and your disappointments.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Foi & Grace: Globe Walking Women

For International Women’s Day, our 2 dynamo characters learn more about what makes each other tick & time bomb (family & cultural backgrounds/ dynamics.) Running errands, being sustainable, eating healthier, crying at the koalas…it’s RosannarosannaDanna always something! Punny and serious as the Massachusetts Primary on March 3 brings out the best & worst.

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Foi & Grace: Earth Everyday Elegance

COVID-19 blooms in Boston, everyone is on essential only, social distancing and staying sane. Grace is out flat, worn out, burnt… Cece is doing the Norman Cousins, laugh your azz off as much as possible. Life with quarantine. Having lived with PCS, Cece is a pro at living away from public places. Who knew she had years of training for a pandemic & could be a beacon of light for others

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