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About Catz

Originally from Madison, WI. With strength coach Eric Cressey, I was strong & quick, making it possible to become a handball goalkeeper for Boston Team Handball Club(fka The New England Freeze in 2009) First indoor competition had handball concussion 31Oct 09 & was rear-ended, another concussion 31Dec 09. Developed post-concussion syndrome, wrote Tell Me This: Encouragement and Hope After Brain Injury, pocket guide for those dealing with mTBI. Joined MIT BrainTrust as a survivor. Began speaking for the BIA-MA Ambassador program and advocating for brain injured athletes. With tech support from a MIT BrainTrust buddy, I started a YouTube channel Tell Me This in hopes to break the isolation of athletes struggling with post concussion syndrome and help others with their recovery around the world.

Writing Kempa Cambridge USA is in honor of my amazing experience with handball and my diverse international teammates of BTH. As a former soccer goalkeeper and ice hockey player, handball is my all time sports zenith. I never felt more alive than when I was in the handball goal. It’s a fantastic sport & I hope that it catches on like wild fire overtaking American Football. Everywhere else in the world it’s handball, as everywhere else soccer is football. The athleticism is phenomenal…you have GOT to see this game! And the goalkeepers…..I love them ALL.

Writing foi&GRACE is in dedication to all who are working to save our planet, save folks with post-concussion syndrome/sequela, save our sanity…a new eSeries about a multiple concussed, disabled female athlete and her MassGeneral Hospital ER Physician’s Assistant roommate, navigating their personal/global challenges with humor, faith and grace & engaging all around them to be “All In” to save our glorious planet-NOW!